5 Keys for Healthy Parent/Child Communication

5 Keys for Healthy Parent/Child Communication

As all parents know, communicating with your children can be somewhat of a Rubik's cube that there's no mathematic formula to solve. Sadly after finding out that they can't simply peel off the stickers to fix it, many parents abandon the riddle and wish for a better relationship.

Talking with your children doesn't need to be that difficult. It's not as easy as ....

Talking To Strangers by Evan Kongvold

Talking To Strangers by Evan Kongvold

Have you ever went up to someone and started talking to them? For most of us the answer is probably no. We get scared to talk to them, but why? We are all just people so why are we scared? The fear of the unknown is a common topic and holds people back more often than not.

I was recently in Starbucks working on school on my laptop minding my own business, when an older gentleman came and sat down across from me. I looked up from my screen and he  ......

Don't Miss Your Chance to Give Life (For Fathers)

Greetings Fathers. I haven't written anything in awhile but today I have something that I would like to share with you. This post is meant to be an encouragement and prod to take action. For those who don't know me personally there are some important facts to know in order to understand this post and what I'm about to share.

First. Years ago I was part of a men's group that did a study entitled "Men's Fraternity". It was a great study that talked about what it looked like to be a "real" man and how to live an appropriate life for Christ and our families.

One of the sections that honestly bothered me was a section that talked about giving life and adventure to our children. The author of the course was a great communicator that spoke about giving these to his son by hiking the Great Wall of China together and scaling great mountains side by side. It always bothered me because these were things that I couldn't offer to my own sons but yet I too wanted to give them life and know they were fit for the fight. 

The second piece to this is to know that three weeks ago I lost one of my sons. My third son Evan, at the age of 18, had an unexpected and unexplainable heart attack. This pivotal moment in my life has me looking at everything I have done or not done as a father. I am so thankful that I may not have been able walk the Great Wall of China with my children but I have no regrets and was able to find ways to bring them life and encourage them.

For many of us fathers we struggle with what to do and how to give life to our children. Being a father who has lost a child, let me encourage you today to do whatever it is you can. As I've been painstakingly going thru my sons belongings to close accounts and finish of his business dealings I came across an email that he had saved and I want to share with you. It's an email that I sent to him over a year ago after we watched the movie "Unbroken" together. It doesn't matter if you haven't seen the movie.

The reason I want to share this with you is NOT for selfish desire. I am sharing this with you because I am so glad, looking back, that I took the time to write this to my son. I want to encourage every father to take the time to do the same. We may not be able to ski the Alps or snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef but we, with our words, can bring life to our children like no other man can.

In light of my own son's passing, in order to parent with no regrets, I believe we must take action today. PLEASE BE ENCOURAGED, and take action with your words today and give life to your family. Your sons will save it in the email, whether you know it or not.



Evan Kongvold

Evan Kongvold


Who was Evan? This video gives you a glimpse. :)


What can I say, to save them?

What can I say, to save them?

What can I say, to save them?

It's a question all of us can relate to. Just reading the question can cause a wave of disappointment or hopelessness to rush over us. So many times in our lives we have to stand witness to people we care deeply for making poor life choices. We try to talk to them, to love on them, to offer our strength in hopes of helping them redirect to safer waters. Sadly many times it is without reward. 

Why then do we walk around thinking that WE are the answer to everyone's problems, that WE can find the right words to change someones mind, that WE are responsible for them? Or even worse, that it's all on US to do something more. This is the reality of all of our daily lives. But there's a solution. There are 3 opportunities for us. First let me tell you part of my story.

Encouragement from Aaron's True Story

Let me ask another. Have you ever been upset with yourself because you were on track to big things but somehow allowed yourself to go the wrong way?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions I’m going to fill you in on a secret. You’re not alone!  Yea I know, it’s not that much of a secret.  Strangely even though we all know this it sure doesn’t stop us from beating ourselves up over it.

I was doing some morning reading the other day and was reminded of a true story that brought be encouragement and I thought would do the same for you.

8 Signs That You Need a Window of Opportunity

How do you know when you need an opportunity?

For many they always need one. They have an innate hunger that can never be curbed. Even when they are in the middle of climbing thru a Window of Opportunity they are looking for another. For most of us though we don’t aspire to be a serial“window climber” but would rather have a single opportunity to better ourselves financially, relationally, impactfulness, etc. Here are some signs to think thru to help you decide if you truly need a Window.

Caught of Guard by a Revelation!

I recently publish my first book called The Power of Following. As I was writing a note in a copy for one my adult sons I had a sudden revelation. 

The Power of Following is focused on talking to the majority which is the group of people who want to achieve and have dreams must aren't focused to be a leader or maybe aren't equipped yet to do so.

As I looked over the 12 Keys that I outlined thinking of what to write to my son I laughed loud enough to cause my wife to look and inquire what was up. It was at that moment that I realized that he had all of the keys that I had written. Without even knowing I had written a book on how I had raised a successful son!

As parents we are all trying to help our children get the upper hand in the world. It's an ever changing landscape of challenges but some truths remain true. The 12 Keys to unlocking The Power of Following are timeless truths, not temporary fixes.

As an author I'm thrilled to have written and provide truths that I myself have unlocked, used and even taught my own children. My hope for you is that you to unlock these truths and become the hero of your story.



The Beginning

This weekend has been a whirl wind of programming, planning, branding, etc and we are winding down in our work load. This is the first blog post to the new FreedomKongvold.com website. This site is meant to be a gathering place for all the projects that I am currently embarked on and will be.

This last year I was struck by a reminder that time is fleeting and hesitation to learn new things in fear of wasting time or making mistakes is silly. I have a new podcast addiction and can;t digest enough new knowledge and have an eagerness to collaborate and trying new things.

2016 is going to be one heck of year because I will not let it pass without pushing to learn more, try more and encourage more. Will you join me in a year of moving forward?