Encouragement from Aaron's True Story

Encouragement ment from Aaron's True Story

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever beat yourself up because of your lack of focus?

Let me ask another. Have you ever been upset with yourself because you were on track to big things but somehow allowed yourself to go the wrong way?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions I’m going to fill you in on a secret. You’re not alone!  Yea I know, it’s not that much of a secret.  Strangely even though we all know this it sure doesn’t stop us from beating ourselves up over it.

I was doing some morning reading the other day and was reminded of a true story that brought be encouragement and I thought would do the same for you.

Years ago there was a man named Aaron.

That’s his real name and it has not been changed to protect his identity! His story is widely publicized so he’s not going to come after me for talking about him.

Aaron was a “high capacity” follower and had a leader that did amazing things. The two of them traveled a lot and together they had many adventures and even took part in liberating a group of enslaved people.

To set the stage in understanding where I’m going with this story I need to point out a few facts regarding our main character Aaron.

1.     Aaron followed his leader everywhere and was part of high power meetings and saw with his own eyes the incredible power and influence his leader carried.

2.     Aaron also witnessed firsthand happenings that would be called supernatural and knew how incredible they were.

3.     At one part in Aaron’s story his leader grew so weak in a major battle that Aaron, because of his passion, physically held his leader up until the battle was won.

Reading these three facts about Aaron you can see very quickly that he was a passionate part of the team. He saw value in what he did and was laser focused on completing the mission.

Then one day something happened. Aaron’s leader had gone out of town and had gone missing. The organization grew restless and starting worrying about what they would do without their leader. They came to Aaron and proclaimed their fears and worry about what they would do.

Aaron suddenly unsure and wavering, announced that they would appoint a new leader. Not only did he appoint a new leader but he put one in place that he had been told by his previous leader to never follow or allow into their organization! Wow!

Shortly thereafter his previous leader and close friend shows back up and see everyone basically following the sworn enemy. When he demanded to know what was going on Aaron had fallen so low at this point he actually said the replacement leader had just kinda shown up!

I can’t even fathom how a person could fall so far so fast. Oh wait! Yes I can. There are many times we all fall away from the correct path we know to follow. This could be a business strategy, a goal or even a moral decision we’d like to follow. Aaron’s story reminded me of this struggle that we are all aware of.

Well the good news in shortly thereafter we can see in Aaron’s story that his leader showed him grace and Aaron’s position remained intact. He continued on as one of the great leaders and key figures of that time in history.

What do we learn from this? As great leaders and followers it’s never too late to get back on course. Our failures are but a reminder of our weakness and not a definition of our lives. And to all the great leaders out there, this story of grace is challenging. I’m sure it’s a moment that both Aaron and his leader always remembered but never dwelled on.

I hope you found this true story to be encouraging. We can all use a little reminder that we are not alone in our struggles.  Keep moving on!


** Just in case you are wondering where this story is from. It’s from a book documenting history that’s filled with great wisdom for anyone who is looking for encouragement and insight. Aaron’s leader in this story is Moses and their true God.

Aaron saw the plagues happen, the Red Sea part, water from a rock and food from the skies. It was when Moses went up on the mountain to receive the 10 commandments that the people revolted and Aaron created a golden calf for the to follow. Later in the story he and his children are placed in charge and the heads of the temple they built and were deemed very holy and honored.  You can read the full story in Exodus chapters 32-39.


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