Installing Pine Tongue & Groove on the Ceiling by Myself

That'll look gorgeous I thought.

Should be a piece of cake, 1 day project...I thought.

Yea, not so much.

So as always I bit of a project that was a lot more difficult than I thought. Though with a little ingenuity it did make the project manageable. We wanted to install 16 foot lengths of pine tongue and groove on the flat ceiling of our covered patio. Well holding up a board that long is not only difficult but absolutely impossible when you factor in that you need to line up the grrove to put them together.

Here is a video of a simple fix to the problem of how to hang tongue and groove wood on your ceiling by yourself.

The project turned out great with only a couple of fingers smashed as collateral. Below is a photo of the finished product. I hope you find this video useful.

Pine Ceiling

This drill was the best tool for this job. I love the 12v size, very lite weight and small but with the power of it's big brother the 18v.