A Christmas Gift

Good morning.

Three days till Christmas.

I have something I’d like to share.

Having a hard time finding the words.

I pray you see thru the following ramble.

I pray you have a glimpse of a new perspective and an even more impactful Christmas than ever.

Seeing thru a new lens

For many readers, you are aware that two months ago I lost one of my sons. As we prepare for the Christmas season with the rest of our children and our family and friends things seem different this year as anyone can imagine.

Decorations, presents, things, all seem so irrelevant this year. Family, friends and relationships are what we have always valued most but this year even more so. But this is not what I want to share that seems so relevant this year.


Miracles and Blessings

Over the last two months we have seen miracles. Miracles of life change. We have seen people from all around the world affected and changed by our son Evan’s death and the way he chose to live his 18 short years. They have made decisions to follow Christ, started going to church for the first time, living for what they were meant, etc. To witness all of these things as they continue to happen is nothing short of amazing.

While we are so blessed to witness these changes it has come at a high cost to us.

As we move towards Christmas and my eyes look towards God for guidance thru this season, I have been reminded of what happened over 2,000 years ago.


Christmas is a celebration of one singular act. Our Savior’s birth.

Looking through the lens that I currently am seeing things I’m amazed. I’m amazed that an all powerful God would be willing to give such a beautiful gift as his only son…knowing he would be crucified.

To give his son. To allow his death. All to be closer to us and secure a salvation for us that he knew some would even reject!

As I think about my son I would have done anything to save him. If I had a glimpse of the future and saw the miracles of life change that would happen by his passing, I would want both. To give up my son intentionally is unimaginable.  


This Christmas season let’s all remember what truly happened over 2,000 years ago.


God willingly decided.

        Decided to allow his precious son to be born.

Born to die for us.

       To die without an assurance that you or I would care or accept the gift.

The gift of salvation and peace.

        Peace to handle what life will bring and salvation that is eternal and joyous.

A Salvation that is yours for the accepting.

An acceptance that costs you nothing.


As we swipe our credit cards and try to buy things that matter and cost us much remember, the greatest gift is free but yet the most fulfilling.

This Christmas, 2016, I pray that you “see” what has been done for you. That you don’t take it lightly. That thru the experience in my life that you truly understand the gift that was given freely to you by a truly loving God. Accept the gift.


Merry Christmas.

Blessed, Broken and Meant


(If you are in the Scranton, PA area come join us for a Christmas service. I know you'll love it! www.parkerhill.org/christmas )