Jarvis Desk on Wheels

Welcome! If you are here it's because you are looking how to improve your working environment. I feel ya!

After having back issues for years from the constant sitting for my desk work I decided to bite the bullet and buy a sit/stand desk. I did a lot of research to find what I wanted using criteria such as motorized, quiet operation, sturdy and not shaky, programmable heights and of course a reasonable cost. After my month long research I settled on the Jarvis desk.

I've been using the Jarvis desk for over a year now and I am very simply thrilled with all of its functions. I've put a link to it on the side if you'd like to see it's specs on Amazon.

Recently however I've decided that I need to have it movable in my work space. After scratching my head in the local hardware store for a bit I came up with a great solution without having to alter the frame in any way from factory. You will see a video below of how to do it yourself step by step and below the video link is an image of the items needed get it done. 

 I love this desk and now love it even more!

Items needed

Items needed

** Note: I am an amazon affiliate. The links are for you quick access to what I have used and I would receive a commision if you purchase. The purchase price is not affected. Thank you!