Why and How to use a Vr headset - Merge 360

Greetings! So everyone has been hearing about VR technology but many haven't experienced it yet and wonder, "what's the big deal?". Well after researching them like crazy and purchasing them I can honestly tell you it a HUGE deal! 

VR headsets are truly amazing. I can see so many benefits whether its for fun or education. IT'S MORE THAN JUST 3D IMAGES!  Yes, I'm yelling, but in a nice way of course. :)

I have surfed a curl, gone inside a volcano, jumped from a plane, stood on the streets in Paris and many more experiences with these puppies and am loving it. Below you will find a great video of how exactly they work so that you can have a better understanding. I do recommend the Merge 360 and have put a link to them on Amazon for you in case you can't wait to get your own after watching. Go get em!

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