What can I say, to save them?

What can I say, to save them?

It's a question all of us can relate to. Just reading the question can cause a wave of disappointment or hopelessness to rush over us. So many times in our lives we have to stand witness to people we care deeply for making poor life choices. We try to talk to them, to love on them, to offer our strength in hopes of helping them redirect to safer waters. Sadly many times it is without reward. 

Why then do we walk around thinking that WE are the answer to everyone's problems, that WE can find the right words to change someones mind, that WE are responsible for them? Or even worse, that it's all on US to do something more. This is the reality of all of our daily lives. But there's a solution. There are 3 opportunities for us. First let me tell you part of my story.


Beyond a Mother's Love

When I was a teenager I lived with my single mother and three younger siblings. It wasn't the easiest of times but I do credit that time of my life for some of the blessings I've enjoyed in having understanding and compassion for people in all walks of life.

Now while this article is not about "saving" someone in a spiritual sense, this story is in relation to faith and gives an excellent life example for our compulsion to be the answer for life struggles in all senses.

My mother was a religious woman and spent years trying to save me as in salvation. I was a rebellious teen that would have none of it. She would constantly talk to me about it, pray openly so I could hear. She even had a room full of friends sit in wait in my living room for when I came home to preach to me the miracle of salvation and healing. Can you guess what my reaction was? Yep, I ran away faster.

For years while I lived at home and even when I left home it was always a touchy subject. As any mother, she loved me as much as anyone else on the planet but yet she could not be the answer to save me in faith, nor save me from the destructive path I was walking. I'm sure you'd agree that she spent many a sleepless night wrestling with the words or actions she needed to be the answer as she felt responsible for me. None of it worked.


Who can save Freedom?

It would be years later that a few strangers would come along side me in a business environment. These men I had never known before and neither had my mother. They would spend countless hours mentoring me because they cared about me. Over time I began to see the peace in living a l life within the guardrails. I also thru them began to see the peace that salvation could bring. These strangers, in time, were the ones who saved me. 

Now you can imagine as any parent you'd be thrilled that someone you loved had avoided destruction but at the same time you'd wonder, Why couldn't I do that? I can't answer the question but I can gives us 3 opportunities to affect change in "saving" a loved one.


3 Opportunities to save someone.

1. Keep doing what you're doing. Don't give up. You won't discover a magic pill or a golden egg to solve someones wandering but your love, patience and reliability speak volumes. You never know when the day will come that the person you're thinking about right now will hit a turning moment and you'll be there to help save them.

2. Pray for someone else to come into their lives that may better speak their language. You see my mother didn't speak my language. Yea I know she cared and yea I know she was always there but she just didn't "get me". What she thought was important and what I thought were 2 different things. She couldn't relate to how I felt, what drove me, what excited me or what passions I may have in life. She cared, but she cared in her language. I needed someone who "got me". Who I could talk to and they understood what I was saying. The person you are loving on right now may need that total stranger to come into their life to save them. Pray for that to happen and take the pressure of you to be the sole answer.

3. Be the stranger. We can get so wrapped up in trying to save an individual that we don't even see others around us that we could make an immediate impact on. We work so hard to get someone we care about to understand our language that we don't communicate with those who are searching for our voice. We all have a set amount of time in a day. While we continue to love on those we know and pray for an answer to come into their lives, we can also lift our heads up and be available to be the answer to someone else's prayer. What if the strangers that saved me hadn't had the time for me because they were too enveloped in sadness because they couldn't save a person the already new? The net result would have been.. 2 lost people instead of only 1.


YOU can make a difference.

This is not a joke. This is not a silly expression. When we are talking about playing a role in saving someone trust me I take this statement very serious. YOU. YOU. You can make a difference. Your life experiences, your highs, your embarrassing moments, your sensitive painful stories. You have been through what you have to develop a language that someone is longing for. Don't hide. Don't try to be perfect. Don't think that you have to have the prefect thing to say. Be you and love on someone. YOU can make a difference TODAY.


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