GVP #01: How to Hold Hands

January 21, 2016 (original release date)

Audio Version

Welcome to our first podcast ever!

In this episode we have decided to sit down around our Blue Yeti microphone and talk about the thoughts that run thru our minds. We have done extensive research online and this microphone is supposed to be the best. We will see.

The Subjects covered in this episode include:

Our visit to the brand new Kalahari Water Park in Pennsylvania. We loved it despite us talking about some things that may make you squirm.

We spent a lot of time talking about hand holding in this episode. Proper formation in man/woman handholding aka front or back and also a little bit on the "re-grip" call and the sweaty hand.

Then we covered whether or not it's ok to say no to a child offering you a gift. LOL  Even slid in a little salesman trick on this one. 

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Freedom & Evan Kongvold

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