GVP #05: Facial Hair, Groovy & Arranged Marriage

February 3, 2016 (original release)

Audio Version

Hey everyone! Glad you stopped in to check the show notes. In Episode #5 we cover some interesting topics.

Art. Evans favorite art photo by Roberto Valenzuela can be seen HERE!

We covered arranged marriage. Statistics show how successful it was in times past. Could modern day Millenials submit a decision such as this? 

Facial hair and the current times perception of it. We've all see the rising up of the bearded wonders but I still can't shake what I read years ago in the book "Dressed for Success".  What's your thoughts? Are men with facial suspicious and hiding something?

Next we touched quickly on the comeback of the word GROOVY. Evan says now way ever and Freedom says it's back!  We are trying to bribe Evan to say it...just once.

We'd love you encourage everyone to put being kind ahead of being right.

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Freedom's favorite song: PowderFinger by Neil Young

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