GVP #06: Proper First Dates & Social Medias (Feat. Bryce Kongvold)

February 4, 2016 (original release)

Audio Version

Video Version

Excited to have our first guest ever, Bryce Kongvold.

Bryce is a production associate in the Atlanta area and loves running camera at special events and also works with the video department at a church in the area. He had the opportunity this past year to work the Tomorrow World festival which was his high point of the year.

We tackled the topic of first dates in this episode including a lengthy conversation on what a "proper" first date looks like. Bryce had a great viewpoint on what makes a first date count. Freedom couldn't remember his first date but did tell the story of his most memorable moment when dating.

We then ran down a list of things not to do on a first date. Hot what?

Social medias then came up and how and when they should be use. We also discussed what generations are using what socials. Evan some how got stuck on that white girls are using socials and Starbucks. Meanwhile he uses them as well. Very strange :)  

We ended with our pal Andy Rooney and the idea of opportunities never being lost.

Links to mentions:

Branchwater Restaurant

Caffe Antico at Avalon

Bryce Kongvold  bryce.kongvold@gmail.com

Bryce Kongvold