GVP #07: Strangers Beware! (Feat. Lizzie Devlaminck)

February 8, 2016 (original release)

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Video Version

Today we are excited to have our first female guest. It was made super interesting since Freedom had never met her and it was the first time Evan had ever heard her voice! 

Lizzie Devlaminck joined us from the great state of Michigan. She is a amateur photographer who is studying to be a pro. Be sure to check her link to see some of her work. Very talented.

This episode was about strangers and Evan had some interesting experiments to share with us. First he talked about a study that was conducted where total strangers fell in love after only knowing each other for an hour. Lizzie thought it was strange and thought theres now way it could happen. Freedom was amazed. Our thoughts are if you had the 36 questions used could you recreate it on a date? Hmmm.

We put Lizzie on the spot and asked about her perfect day and if she'd ever been sung to. She also shared that she is a "car" singer herself.  We loved her honesty even when she thought the song Evan liked wasn't any good.  Hahaha...she's was a blast.

The theme of strangers and love kept going and by the end Lizzie wasn't so dead against the idea that love could happen quickly between people who didn't know each other. It seems it all depends on the ability to open up quickly.

Freedom then shared a story of the angry lady at Home Depot. The question was asked was he wrong or right in what he said?

Thanks Lizzie for joining us. You were a blast!

For more information on the experiment or on the questions asked click here.

For more information on the photographer in New York City click here.

Lizzie's  Instagram:    devlamickphoto

Lizzie's Instagram: