GVP #08: Showing Affection (Feat. Sean Dinkel)

February 11, 2016 (original release)

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From the shores of Waikiki....not really but it sure sounded like it!!  Evan has recently gotten into playing the ukulele. Cool stuff.

We welcomed out guest Sean Dinkel who is internationally known and he can certainly rock the microphone! We were excited to have him on this episode as we dove into differing viewpoints on showing affection. Sean has two younger children while Freedom's are older and Evan of course gives a great view from where he's at in life.

Before diving in we joked how an NFL kicker is very similar to a weatherman. Take a listen to be sure you here this one.

So our conversation on showing affection was a listener submitted idea from Farfar, otherwise known as Bestefar, otherwise known as TK. Can anyone guess who this person is?

We jumped right in to showing affection in our family and do we hug and kiss our children everyday. We talked about how we as parents love to do it but somehow overtime it changes. We discussed whether it should change or if its a normal transition.

We then were blessed with an amazing story that Sean shared about a surprise moment that shook him to the core!  You gotta hear this story.

We then transitioned into talking about showing affection outside of family. The awkwardness that can come when a guy hugs another guy and puts him in the "tree hug" stance. Not good! We also touched on the strange moment when we don't know if we should hug or shake the hand of our friend's wife when we 're greeting them.

Freedom closed up this cast with one of his embarrassing moment stories. 


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