GVP #09: Someone Or Something? And Man Skills

February 15, 2016 (original release)

Audio Version

Video Version

Update: We are no longer recording in our home and have moved to some great space made available to us by Solid Rock IT ... Thank you!!  We have made some upgrades as well to hopefully upgrade our sound quality to make our podcasts even more enjoyable. We made the upgrade from using 1 Blue Yeti to now using some Audio Technica mics

We started this week by sharing a Newspring video. It stated that history is filled with people who have step'd up. History is being made every single day. What part will you play in it?  This video brought on the question of do you dream of being someone or having something?

Evan was encouraged to be an inspiration for others. We talked about what causes us to not step out to make a difference. Fear seems to be the agreed upon hurdle since stepping out will require us be different than those around us.

Freedom shared how over the years it has become more important to him to be someone rather than simply having things. Evan shared this goal as he has realized that relationships are lasting where the joy of having a new toy is fleeting.

We then transitioned to something a little lighter. The man skill and strategy used when waiting for your wife to come out of the mall to be picked up. We named several of them including the vulture, the dart, the fireman, the submarine and the call me. You gotta hear these. Which one are you?

How long is "a few minutes" is where we ended on this episode. It's a riddle that needs mind reading to figure out but we did our best to answer this question.

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