GVP #10: Hats And Introvert Vs. Extrovert

February 18, 2016 (original release)

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Welcome to another great episode! We recorder this episode just after Valentines day or as Evan calls it "singles awareness day".  Freedom failed making his chocolate covered strawberries and ended up with a chocolate smeer with fruit on top. Evan told us he turned down a kiss in return for a kiss! 

We received an amazing email today that we shared in regarding a personal story regarding Episode #8 and showing affection. You gotta listen to hear this email. We were given permission to share it and it's truly awesome. Along the way we reveal who TK is if you didn't know already.

We touched on the Night to Shine event that we just volunteered for this past week. It was truly amazing and was another opportunity to serve others. Funny how when we step out to serve others we end up inspired and served ourselves.

We started a little deep on this episode but don't worry, we ended up talking about hats. We talked about several different styles and who should wear what. Let us know if you agree on our observations. We still think no man should ever wear a sun hat!!  :)

We ended this one talking about being an introvert vs an extrovert. We share which one we are and you may be surprised. Which one are you and do think you should marry the same or the opposite? Of course we share our opinions.

Thanks for joining us once again and we'll be talking with you real soon!!

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Freedom's attempt at chocolate covered strawberries. #fail

Freedom's attempt at chocolate covered strawberries. #fail