GVP #11: Entrepreneurship (Feat. Jamie Stuenzi)

February 22, 2016 (original release)

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We welcomed yet another guest on this podcast and were excited to spend some time with Jamie Stuenzi. Jamie is an entrepreneur and the owner of Sold Rock IT wre our studio is located and also founder of many other ventures such as Agritourismideas.com.

We started by checking in on what the proper etiquette is in regards to using a Keurig and who should pull the kcup? 

We jumped right in to our main theme of entrepreneurship quickly. Jamie told us a story of when one of his businesses was shut down. You'll have to take a listen and just know that it had to do with snakes! Freedom shared his story of getting shutdown by him mom when he tried selling fireworks at school as a teenager.

We talked a bit about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Courage was Jamie's key point to not be held back by what other may think as you set out on your own. Also with modern day technology the door is wide open to reach markets that years ago were very difficult to reach.  Having to courage to overcome fear opens the door to both success and great relationships.

Jamie was giving great insight into how to teach your kids to think like an entrepreneur. In the midst of it Evan was asked what he was thinking and he said FRUIT BASKETS! Where on earth did that come from? Take a listen and you'll find out.

We then talked about distractions. There are so many around us that can slow us down. We want to identify them and know that they are slowing us down so that we can move past them. Social media is a big one specially when you're using it for business and you get side tracked. 

We then talked about times in our life where we may have regrets for not paying attention. Jamie wishes he hadn't missed some opportunities to learn more from people he has been around over the years. Evan's was a review in spanish class. Freedom doesn't know what he missed because he wasn't paying attention!  LOL That said if he were to go back in time he would take more time to slow things down and enjoy his kids as babies more. 

Thanks for joining us once again and be sure to apply yourself today!!

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