GVP #12: Heroes (Feat. Karl Peterson)

February 25, 2016 (original release)

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Generation Viewpoint Episode #12: Heroes

Our guest this week is Karl Peterson. Karl is a youth pastor, a super hero fan, husband and a millenial. Man he's a lot of stuff!

We talked about a new way of dating that has just started in New York. It's the first ever "mail odor dating" service called Smell Dating. This dating service is all based on sniffing out someone you're attracted to. What smell would win you over? Would you cheat if you were participating? Check out the link at the bottom of the page for more details.

Our main topic was heroes on this episode. Who is your hero and why? Does it change over time and do different generations have different type heroes?  Karl's favorite superhero is Superman, listen to hear why. Evan talked about one of his heroes Donald Miller and why he looks up to him. Freedom touched on the time in his life that his hero was Donald Trump and to what extent he went to try to get around him. This is a fascinating topic that affects us all. 

We then jumped on a controversial question between generations. When a child asks can they do something and the parents says no and then doesn't explain, who's fault it is when the child rebels? The child's for not obeying or the parent for not explaining?  You would think it was a simple answer but here you get an insight to how our younger listeners may feel and think. We did uncover however that if stop signs were to say why you need to stop, Evan may be more inclined to stop at them!! Hahaha..only kiddin.

Last you gotta hear how Karl, a superhero nut, proposed to his wife!!

Thanks Karl for joining us and everyone have a great weekend ahead.


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Thanks Karl!

Thanks Karl!