GVP #13: Appreciation And Love

February 29, 2016 (original release)

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This episode we started with an update and explanation of the ads you have started to see on the side of our pages. Putting out a podcast twice a week has some costs associated with it so we have agreed to put some ads on our website. How they work is if you see something of interest to you or link thru our Amazon link the companies will pay us a small "finders fee".  We really hope these aren't a bother to you.  

We jumped into a minor debate on toilet paper and whether it should roll over or under. We even ran poll in our Facebook Group and there is an overwhelming support for the roll over. Amazing how passionate some have gotten over the question!

Evan then got put on the spot on whether her prefers blondes or brunetts. It's a controversial debate between us all the time on whether what he likes is the same as what he seems to fall for. Funny stuff.

The main course of this podcast is all about being appreciated and loved. We all want to have the feeling of being valued but yet when we say our honest need for it, it seems to knock down our manliness and can give a false sense of weakness. Why is it that we are perceived to be needy or dependent when we are open about wanting to be loved? Makes no sense. We love open communication without judgement.

This fed into Freedom telling a story of when a guy friend called him in the middle of the day just to say hello. It was so weird because men only call when there is a specific need or piece of information to pass on. We need more Matt's in the world to encourage us men to communicate without motives. 

Thanks for joining us once again. We look forward to next time!

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