GVP #14: Risk (Feat. Bernie Strong)

March 3, 2016 (original release)

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OK so we got a little crazy with the minion voices. Couldn't help it! LOL

Freedom started off telling about his resent visit to buy a toilet and the invasion of privacy he felt he was a victim of. Is he crazy or would you feel the same? We rolled into should there be a prize inside when buying a toilet. Craziness.

Our main topic and why we wanted our friend Bernie on is about risk. Some are more conservative than others. But as we went around the table it was interesting to hear that all of us are conservative in some areas but yet more willing than others to take risks in other areas.

We broke down the difference in risk in games, careers and even relationships. Are games a training ground for teaching us to take risks or just a game? In our careers we feel we should trade security for risk. When do we go too far? It's a fine line balancing between safety and risk.

Freedom shared when he had asked a bunch of older people if they had to do it all over again what would they do different. The majority said they would have taken more risks. What does this mean and where would they have pushed it? We all agree that we need to push thru our fear at times and take a risk. What can you risk this week? Maybe a relationship?  With all risk comes the chance for reward and the risk of defeat or rejection. Have courage!

Bernie closed up the show sharing with us his answer to when in the past did he wish he had paid more attention. Thanks Bernie for sharing!! You were an awesome guest!

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