GVP #15: Routines, Dress & Inspiration

March 7, 2016 (original release)

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Hey welcome back everyone! We are getting excited around here as Evan has a milestone birthday quickly approaching. We had to ask him what turning 18  means to him?

Evan has started his own Vlog on YouTube and it is a good one. You have to go check it out if you haven't seen it. You can link to it here: Evan's YouTube Channel

We talked about a lot of random things in this episode and started with our morning routines. How stuck are we in a certain routine and can we switch it up without feeling all out sorts?! Just try putting on your socks and shoes in a different order than you usually do and you'll know what we mean.

One of those routines is Freedom's friend who's an "in'y".  What do we mean by that? Gotta listen  :)  This lead into talking about how dress has changed over time. Men use to wear suits all the time and then it went to khakis and now to shorts and flip flops. Has the change in dress affected our productivity?

We then talked about inspiration and what if anything has inspired us. During the conversation both of us were inspired by a video we saw by Jeremy Cowart. You've gotta see it here: I'm Possible

You all have been made to overcome obstacles as long as you can get past the "I can not's".

Put forth the good fight be be glad that God doesn't give us everything we ask for. Have a great week.

ps... sorry for a little static on the recording. not sure where it came from

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Dress for Success
By John T. Molloy