GVP #16: Ratios, Finance Scenario & Our Value (Feat. Kessy Stiles)

March 10, 2016 (original release)

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We had the pleasure of being joined by our guest Kessy Stiles who is a friend of Evan's. She is a college student and one the nicest "girls" we know!

In this episode Freedom jumped back to our episode on risk to explain why he phrased the question on our Facebook Group the way he did. It's his opinion that by avoiding all risk you don't necessarily lose in life, you just pass chances to "win".

Somehow we then transitioned into the idea of needing to have the correct ratio when it comes to our foods. Oreos, donuts, bacon krisp'ness, etc all have to have the correct ratio to work. Kessy happens to think the ratio needs to change based on mood as well. Freedom called her a woman and there we went again on another rabbit trail. Why is it we have a hard time staying on topic! Oh yea, and Kess doesn't know what SeaMonkeys are. 

So a fictitious scenario came up regarding finances. Its a scenario that I'm sure not many men have come upon and it's a lose, lose scenario for the women in this scenario. Gotta listen to this one. Thoughts? Tell us here: Facebook Group

We then went deeper than we usually go and talked about finding our God given value. We talked about how dangerous it is to try and find our value & security in other people but yet the difficult nature of finding it in our creator alone. It's the best place to find our value but sometimes it seems a bit distant. Are we to learn fro the distance. Thoughts?

Who is Andy Rooney is how Kess closed off this episode!  Everyone have a great week!!

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