GVP #17: Goals, Turning 18, And Parental Advice

March 14, 2016 (original release)

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Video Version

Evan's 18!! Very excited for Evan become a legal adult. Evan took a moment starting off this episode telling us how it feels and what he thinks about it.

To remind everyone Evan is a photographer and he told us about his first opportunity to do a photo shoot for a baby. He was nervous but was able to push thru and did a great job. Check his site out: PHOTOS

This episode turned into Freedom asking Evan a lot of questions such as what he looks forward to each week and what are his top 3 goals in life. He had great responses and it'll be fun watching him work towards accomplishing them.

Freedom then asked Evan if he could tell parents one thing that would help them raise their kids, what would he tell them. He had a great answer! Gotta listen to hear his advice and the conversation that followed.

This was a great episode and we hope you enjoyed it!!

Have a great week.

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