GVP #18: Disposable Cameras And Politics

March 17, 2016 (original release)

Audio Version

Video Version

Evan is pounding out the end of his Senior year of high school and trying to finish everything by May 1st. He hides in dark rooms and crams in it in to stay ahead and finish early. He's one organized guy.

So Freedom finally caved and took a stack of disposable cameras that have been lying around the house to get developed. It brought about a cultural difference between generations! Evan has no clue about the concept of paying a fortune for 24 photos and having to make the decision whether it was worth it or not to click the button.

We touched on the difference in generations as well on how there are very few photos of previous generations but Evan's kids and grandkids will be able to go online and see everything about him starting from birth. Pretty crazy to think about it.

So we then asked the question on if you borrow a book and read it in the bathroom, is it ok to return to a friend or should you buy them a new one?  Thoughts?

We are in the midst of an election year so we of course had to touch on it for a minute. Freedom took a moment to educate Evan on how to tell if a politician is pro Freedom or not. They're sneaky so sometimes it can be hard to tell. Listen to hear the tip off that Freedom learned from Bob McEwen.

To end you can hear how the Space Shuttles range was determined by the width of a horses rear end.  LOL  Great to be with you all again.

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