GVP #19: Captain America, March Madness & How To Flirt

March 21, 2016 (original release)

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Hey everyone! Boy Evan started out this episode and he sounds super excited about the new Captain America movie coming out, Civil War. Freedom watched the trailer by Evan's request and is so confused on why Spiderman makes a last second appearance?!  Evan's thought is the spoiler has been spoiled! See it here: Captain America Trailer

Freedom got lost down memory lane and misses the Wonder Twins  ;) and Eva thinks Captain America is tougher than Iron Man. If only this generation could remember math and science like they can the planets of origin for Super heros!  hahaha

We are excited that March is here for our annual Kongvold Family March madness bracket. It's a forced activity but they watch more basketball than usual because of it. Evan's a bit sore over not getting paid to win the last two years. Evan's calls it a "legal allowance" and not Gambling.  Go Jayhawks!

Evan than told us about a call he got this week from a good friend asking how to flirt. I love it! You gotta hear what he had to say.

Evan then closed us out with telling us what he thought is the most important thing kids need to learn today. Thoughts?

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