GVP #21: Mobile Phone Size, Mentors And Buy $1 Million For Half Price

March 28, 2016 (original release)

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Video Version

Welcome to episode 21! We kicked off this episode with some breaking news in the fresh produce world. The apple has become the most frequently purchased item over the banana. This is huge as the banana has always been #1.  

Speaking about apples led us into a tech talk over the new iphone coming out which is going to be smaller than the last version. Evan knows his tech stuff and it caused Freedom to talk a walk down memory lane thinking back to the cycle of size regarding mobile phones. His first phone was huge and they got smaller and smaller, Now they have been getting larger and larger until now. 

Freedom heard a recent stat that the average person spends 2.5 hours per day on social medias. Wow! What could we all accomplish if we put our phones down and used that time for something valuable?

Recently we spent a nite out with a group of men that have been walking alongside Evan as he's been growing up. We ate tons a food and celebrated their efforts in investing their time in him. Freedom is very thankful for them. Not all parents want their kids to be open with others. Your thoughts?

Freedom finished off this episode teaching Evan how to buy $1 million for $580,000. Compounding interest pays if you use it for you and not against you. Cha ching!

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