GVP #22: When Is It Smart To Do An Unwise Thing? (Feat. Dave & Joe Deitzer)

March 31, 2016 (original release)

Audio Version

Video Version

This episode is entirely focused on our exciting father and son guests about to embark on an amazing adventure. We have been looking forward to this podcast for awhile now.

Joe Deitzer you got to know last week on our podcast and hear his background. This was Dave's first appearance with us. Dave is the founder of the Strategic Accountant system and owned an accounting practice until just recently. He has boldly decided to sell his business to free himself up to go on a 4 month hike with his son Joe across the Appalachian trail! WOW!!

They have been talking about it for years but now have moved from just talking to DOING IT! 5,000,000 steps over approximately 2,100 miles is what's in store for them. In this podcast they share what prompted them to move forward, what their fears are and what they hope to accomplish by this bold move. This is a must listen for everyone. Full of inspiration for us to be energized by. Join us while we get an inside view of Axe and Old Spice. ;)

You can follow their adventure on their blog they'll be posting to at: atadventureblog.wordpress.com