GVP #24: Gym Class, College Acceptance And Double Standards (Feat. Zoë Baxter)

April 7, 2016 (original release)

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We were joined on this episode by one of Evan's friends Zoë Baxter. Thanks for joining us Zoë!! We hope you didn't get in trouble for skipping gym and snapchatting Evan.  ;)

We started with a brain challenge on how to get to the Appalachian trailhead if you didn't have someone to give you a ride? Zoë nailed it. She's so smart. Much better solution than bailing on a test drive of new car or just leaving a rental on the side of the road.

We than challenged whether gym class in high school is worth the time and does it really make us better? Zoë gave a great answer but Evan then called her out!! HAhahaha!! Would you rather square dance or do yoga?

So we then jumped to college and how they score who gets accepted. Is the way they choose students out dated and needs a change or is it still the correct way. Is a students hunger for a chance more important than their high school and SAT scores?

Happy birthday Max!!

Do parents have different hopes and standards for their daughters compared to sons? Zoë and Evan had great input and Freedom got defensive. :)  Always an interesting topic as children and parents see it different and also boys and girls are equal but yet created different. What's your thoughts on this. We'd love to hear.

Zoë you were awesome and thanks sooo much for joining us!!!

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