GVP #25: Father/Son Challenge, Messy Vs Creative And Kids In Football

April 11, 2014 (original release)

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Today we sound tired. Ever had one of those days where you just feel worn down? That was both of us on this episode. We apologize for our lack of energy. We still had a great time but was a bit slower paced.

So every son comes to a time in their life that the wonder if they could beat their father wrestling. Does a son winning change the dynamic forever? Is it the same of different than is a son beats their father at golf or some other athletic challenge? Is this a step into manhood?

Freedom then sat in amazement as Evan told him that he didn't know what Birkenstocks were. Do they even make them anymore?

We then dug deep into the question on whether messiness is a sign of creativeness? Is a messy desk of bedroom a signal that the person is naturally creative or simply lazy? There have been studies done on this topic and they find that indeed its true. I guess next time you see a messy person you should compliment them on the creativeness!! Is it really important to have a clean and organized house?

We then "tackled" the question on whether parents should allow their children to play football even when the news is covered with stories of the concussions happening and its affect on youngsters. You can easily find strong arguments on either side. Your thoughts?

Should we really be glad that God doesn't give us everything we ask for?

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