GVP #27: Man Bun & Money Or Time?

April 18, 2016 (original release)

Audio Version

Video Version

Evan is thinking about growing a "man bun"...what?! What a start to a podcast. Freedom was caught off guard and is against it but then questioned if it's a generation thing or not acceptable anywhere. Thoughts?

Should playing video games be considered a sport? There are for sure talented players out there but are they really playing a sport or simply a game. How about chess? I guess the question comes down to what defines a sport?

We then talked about sports and school and how high or low should the bar and rewards be set? Are we to make it easy to encourage or harder knowing some will fail? 

On of the big questions of the episode what challenging the though of which should we do..work a lot of time and earn or make less to have more time but then have some financial strain? We all know both is what we want but what if we had to make a choice? Your thoughts? Share them with us on Facebook.