GVP #28: Be Remembered With My Bottled Time

April 21, 2016 (original release)

Audio Version

Video Version

Evan wore a noodle face guard!!  Bahahaha!!  Got see the video link to see this one! More about that later.

Freedom started with a wish. He wishes that as adults when we're tired we would just cry instead of being mean and grumpy trying to hide our tiredness. It was a lesson learned from a 1 year old.

So we ran a poll regarding Episode #26 and whether you'd want to be remembered for a failure or forgotten. The majority of the respondents chose to be remembered! We were blown away by this. Its because of this that we had our friend Jamie Stuenzi back on as he just released a new product specifically for this desire.

Mybottledtime.com is a web application that helps preserve and make available your life's story for others to see and hear. It's a fascinating product and just in time for Mother's day. You've gotta check this item out. Evan made a crazy video for the product that you can see here and see what the heck a noodle face guard is. Hope you like this product. We think you will after those poll results.