GVP #29: Manbun Revisited And Music=Success? (Feat. Micah Woodard & Brad Strong)

April 25, 2016 (original release)

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We are excited to share this podcast with you because we have 2 guests with us that cracked us up! We had to revisit the man-bun conversation after the amazing responses to our poll on Facebook.  

Joining us is Micah Woodard from the Lavish Spa and Brad Strong a musician from Atlanta, GA. We had to have these guys on because Brad rocks a man-bun every day and Micah believes that man-buns are a no-no. Brad defended his position very well and Micah supported the idea that it's a trendy move even though he no way recommends it. The key is timing!

Darts were flying everywhere as Brad challenged Micah's age and called him old. Micah came back strong and again challenged the man-bun as a woman deflector. :) Funny!!

We then moved on to the question if musical training makes you more successful in life. Brad gave it a maybe and Micah said absolutely! Take a listen to their points of view.

We ended with the question of what can the older generation learn from the younger gen?

Brad Strong

Brad Strong