GVP #30: Market Price & Are You A Green Light?

April 28, 2016 (original release)

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Welcome to Episode #30 as we talk over what's ahead for Evan's excellent adventure. He's about to head to the Motherland next week and has a busy summer of traveling ahead. Very exciting summer ahead for him.

Lesson learned and taught in this episode regarding "market price" on a menu. Expensive lesson learned but you, our listeners, get it for free.  :)

Freedom then shared some parental advice. When your kids list names of who is going to be somewhere with them pay close attention to the last names. They're the important ones! Even though Evan's strategy was to try and bookend them to sneak em thru.  These kids are smart.

We then went deep for a few minutes and talked about making a list of yes and no's to measure prospective dates by. Reds are no-no's, yellows are learn more and green is go. Freedom flipped it to suggesting that we take time to look at ourselves and see what in our life would be on someone else's red, yellow green lists? Instead of only looking for someone who matches our list lets spend some time improving ourselves to measure up to someone else's wish list.

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