GVP #32: First Names And A Time Limit On Apologizing

May 5, 2016 (original release)

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Video Version

BAM! This episode started out with Evan telling Freedom that he looked like a Ralph!! Can't really see it but Evan would have made a great a Haaken! Ever want to change your name? Seems to be a common thought when we're younger.

What's the funniest video that you've seen recently? We'd love to see what you love. Please share it on the Generation Viewpoint Group so we all can see.  Olen Rogers is one YouTuber that cracks us both up. 

Evan told us in this episode that if he were to be a teacher he'd like to teach graphic design. Freedom is unsure but would like to walk along side high school graduates helping thru the process of learning things they need to know to start life.

Freedom then asked Evan one of the most feared job interview questions. "Why should we hire you?"  This led to talking about being high on yourself and the "Me" monster.

Is there a time limit on apologizing? This could be controversial. What's your thought?

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