GVP #33: Bees & Success

May 9, 2016 (original release)

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Video Version

Welcome back everyone! Hope you are off to a great week. We started this episode talking about the mastery group that we are part of and the benefits of sharing time and ideas with others who are actively learning. We both highly recommend it.

Fan boy? Evan jumped right in to a dilemna he has which is he's a huge fan of 21 Pilots but isn't sure how people will react if he wears their concert shirt. Freedom compared his situation to some of the rough people he's met wearing Eagles jerseys. Because we've met 1 person who left us with a bad taste does not mean that everyone with  that shirt will be the same.

Freedom then shared with Evan something he learned recently about the impact of bees on fresh produce crops. Who knew they need a fatter bee right now to get us some yummy watermelon?!

We then hit a question. What traffic sign does your life look like right now? And then we jumped quickly to what does success look like. Freedom read a great paragraph he found. It broke down the basics of looking at how profit is made. Why is the key question to be asking. Not how.

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