GVP #34: Tears & Self Talk

May 12, 2016 (original release)

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Hey everybody welcome back for another great episode! Today we started right into it with the observation that women have the advantage over men by using their tears. Freedom shares his observation

Speaking of crying, why is it seemingly not acceptable for us guys to cry? As much as we say it is ok there is still this feeling of not being open with it. Why is this? How are we supposed to share our deepest of feelings when we have to hold everything inside? 

We somehow ended up talking about movies and what makes us cry. For some it's moments of success and others its sadness for lost toys. :)

What would you grab first to save if your house was on fire?  

Freedom then asked Evan what has he learned from his entrepreneur adventures in the last 6 months. He answered immediately with"people will surprise you". He had great insight that we will turn down ourselves faster than others will. He observed that we are our worst enemy. Changing our positive self talk can change our outlook on life.

Evan and I both have a phrase that is stuck in our minds.  "Can I help?".  Let us know if we can.

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