GVP #35: Most Embarrassing Moment

May 16, 2016 (original release)

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Welcome to another episode. We are thrilled to have you with us! We started this episode with some randomness as always but ended up landing on talking about our old house.

Freedom asked Evan what his favorite memory is of our first house that he was born and grew up in. The house was a severe fixer upper and it's funny that Evan's favorite part was the big hole that was in the upstairs hallway. Just goes to show it doesn't take much to make memories. It also inspired the question on why it is that men she a house that needs to repaired and paid for and women see a home and memories to be emotionally attached to? No clue.

Freedom the surprised Evan with the question of what was his most embarrassing moment. YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS!!  So funny. Best part is when he says, "...and I was in a predicament." HAhahaha!!!!

Evan then knew who he would have dinner with without hesitation. Who would it be you ask? Well Donald Miller of course!  So what would you talk about if you had a chance? That's not such an easy question to answer.  

Evan then had a great response to the question, What do you wish an alarm would go off for whenever it happened?

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