GVP #36: Privacy & Freddy On The Front Lines (Feat. Nigel Braun)

May 19, 2016 (original release)

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Video Version

Welcome everyone and today we have a first! Today we have one of Freedom's siblings on the episode and Evan's hoping for some dirt to come out on his Dad.  :)  Welcome to the episode Nigel Braun who lives in Lancaster, PA and has had many great adventures so we're hoping for a good story!

Freedom fired of a "hypothetical" question to Nigel regarding a potential situation with his new wife. He handled it perfectly.

We then had to jump to pets simply to hear one of Freedom's favorite pet stories ever! Nigel shared this great tale with us. It is a fantastic story from the front lines of our armed forces. You have got to listen to this one!!

We then went deep on the question on which is more important, personal privacy or national security? With Nigel's background in the military this was an interesting conversation. Freedom shared a story learned from his Grandfather many years ago that changed his view forever. 

We finished up with Nigel telling us about his new axe.  :)  helkowerk axe

Thanks for joining us Nigel, it was great!!

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