GVP #37: Flaws Allow For True Love

May 23, 2016 (original release)

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Video Version

Welcome Everyone! Another Monday is here and another great week ahead. Thanks for joining us to start your week!

We started this episode with of course random convo including which museum would Evan rather go to between Art, History or Science. This led into us talking about collections.

The "man drawer" was the next topic of conversation. It's the mandatory place to put all the stuff that isn't needed but must be saved. Every man needs his drawer or box. The test is do you have a Chucky Cheese game token in yours?

We drifted to what we collect which then led to a conversation from a Donald Miller book regarding being loved. The quote was, "my flaws will be the way that I receive grace". Very powerful to think that being loved or loving someone else includes the less than great aspects of the person. We usually think we love the good and ignore the bad but a true deep love embraces it all.

Does technology make us more alone? If we are talking about love we mine as well talk about if we are becoming less capable to love deeply since technology allows us to have many relationships that are surface level and no deeper. You thoughts?

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