GVP #38: The Enfamil Vs Ensure Test (Feat. Allison Stuenzi)

May 26, 2016 (original release)

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Video Version

Welcome back everyone! We hope you are having a tremendous week and we're so glad you stopped in and joined us!

This week we have a guest with us and we are excited! Allison Stuenzi joined us today in the studio and we of course had to tackle some great questions.

We started with how to handle an embarrassing situation dealing with an open fly in front of a group of people. We then drifted in to a "would you rather" question for some more fun.

We then touched on an important but touchy question. When do we or don't we acknowledge an injury, disability, etc? Do people want to be asked or do they want people to ignore it? Its a tough question because some want to be treated like nothing is different but yet they want to know people care. Tough one. Your thoughts? Leave them on our Facebook group.

Enfamil vs Ensure

We then did something we have never done before. A blind taste test for Allison and Evan to see if the youngest generation or the oldest generation has a more refined palet. You gotta see or watch this one. Lets just say we were all surprised by the results.

Thanks again for joining us Allison..you are always a blast to hang with!!

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