GVP #39: Sponsorship And Mom & Pop

May 30, 2016 (original release)

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Do we, as in Generation Viewpoint, have influence?  This was the first question posed to start off this episode and we have no idea! Evan than went further and asked if podcasts and Youtube videos have influence on all of us? What do you think?

Evan then talked about how podcaster and YouTubers have product sponsors. Are we more likely to buy the product and what is the determining factor? Should they only recommend items that they truly believe in? Is there a difference between being sponsored by a product and actually recommending the item?

Mom & Pop biz. So we then launched into talking about why do we feel that we need to protect mom & pop businesses even if their model is out dated? Its a tricky question because we always root for the little guy who gives great service but at the same time modern days have allowed for more modern distribution of products. This can be a tricky question for us to navigate.

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