GVP #42: An Honest Talk On Bullying

June 20, 2016 (original release)

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Is using the word "outfit" enough to lose a man card over? Yep...this how we started this episode. Do men wear outfits or is that word more for children and women? Freedom believes that men wear shirts and pants but do not own outfits! Evan thinks otherwise and has called for an intervention to help Freedom.

We then jumped to the topic of pranks. We all love a good prank but at what point does it become bullying? Do you judge it by whether the victim is laughing or not? How do you tell? This pulled us into a conversation about bullying. It's such an important topic with varying views along generational lines. The old school way was to "buckle up" and take it which is hard to say whether it's wrong or right. Freedom was stumped on how to even talk about it without hurting someones feelings.

Evan took a moment to tell us about a time in his life that he felt bullied. An open conversation about how Freedom handled the situation ensued and Evan and Freedom talked openly as father and son. This episode is well worth the listen. 

We then jumped to a would you rather. Would children rather be given everything by their parents but then have to care for them later in life OR have less given but their parents are self sufficient later in life? This was a great conversation as always.

Have a great week!

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