GVP #45: Criticism & Survival

July 11, 2016 (original release)

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We welcome you to another episode of Freedom asking questions. For real. Does he ever run out of them, ever?

We started by talking about running for pleasure and what's the fun in it? Evan is a runner while Freedom is not. So what's the deal?

Survival skills. Everything created has been given a skill it uses to survive. What survival skill do we have if any. What skill do you have? Do you know how to start a fire with 2 sticks or what to do if you're lost in the desert? Evan has many skills...all learned from watching TV..so he says.

Criticism. How well do you take criticism? For a bit of deeper conversation we jumped into this touchy subject. To learn and grow we need to be able take criticism from those who are trying to help or even worse someone who just says you'll never make it. How do you handle it? It's not easy as we all know but can be a true test of our pride.

On this topic there is also a responsibility to those who are trying to help. Just blurting out criticism isn't the best way to help anyone you care about. Freedom gives a great tip on how to present a "growth opportunity".

Thanks for joining us once again and we hope you have a great week!

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