GVP #46: Are Ghosts Real?

July 18, 2016 (original release)

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Welcome back everyone! So good to have you here checking out this episode. We had yet another great episode.

We started by ponding the thought of why it is we like to watch rich people on TV. Why is that and what's the attraction?  Random thought.

SOOoooo..Do you believe in ghosts?  Freedom thought this would be a random thought but it fleshed out an honest to goodness ghost experience that Evan had. Wow! It's a must listen story. Talking about it it drifted in to stories of people who have passed and then come back. It's quite amazing and hard to comprehend truly.

Our next question is does reading a book count for more than if you listen to it? With the age of audible books, podcasts, etc is information being absorbed as good as it was when reading was the main information source. Thoughts?

Dinner etiquette: How long are you allowed to hang at your table in a restaurant after you're done eating? Is there a rule as they are trying to get you out? Hmmm.

Thanks for joining us once again! See ya soon.

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