GVP #48: Is Reality TV Harmful To Society (Feat. Allison Stuenzi)

August 1, 2016 (original release)

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Welcome everyone to another great episode and thanks for joining us! We are joined this episode by Allison Stuenzi who has been on with us before. We love having her on as she always makes us laugh.

We jumped out of the gate talking about SeaMonkeys and what they are. Seems the new generation doesn't know much about them. Freedom's generation knew all about them as they were the rage.  :)

Would you rather be itchy or sticky for the rest of your life? It's a hard one to pick.

Modern day phone call etiquette. Should we call or text and is there a rule to follow? Do you have to text someone first before calling them? No one calls anyone anymore. Are we losing out? Freedom started to rant but then got called out by Evan.

Do reality shows encourage or discourage dysfunction? When being outlandish is celebrated and is used to gain celebrity status are we sending the wrong message? Are we personally encouraging it if we tune in and watch? 

We then turned our sights on Allison. She is one of the sweetest girls out there and as such is a wee bit gullible. We asked her to share a story of a time she was tricked. She had an amazing story to share! Wow!!! You gotta hear this one.

We then finished on a serious note and asked Allison to share a time in her life that she wished she had paid more attention. Her answer was a great reminder for us all. Take a listen. 

Thanks for joining us once again!

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