GVP #49: The Power Of A Thank You

August 8, 2016 (original release)

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Welcome back everyone! So glad you have you join us on yet another great episode of Freedom and Evan sharing a live stream of thoughts with no organization!  :)

We started by talking about "The Whistler" at Freedom's office. When you spend 8 plus hours a day at your work place it's tough to decide on whether to handle other peoples annoyances or find a way to just let it go.

We then jumped to collections. Every guy seems to love collecting things. Back in the day cards, stamps and even coins were the rage. What do kids collect today? Evan and Freedom struggled to find something that we knew was collected these days. Times have certainly changed.

Hey, how much do you really trust online reviews? Not to long ago we really felt that they were credible. Now people have found ways to manipulate the system so credibility is now suspect. When Freedom was launching his book recently he found out you can buy reviews and even buy your way on to the New York Times Best seller list! Sad

Lastly Freedom asked Evan who he would write a thank you note to if he took the time to do so. Evan thought for a few moments and then was able to think of someone. The time it takes to send someone a thank you note is so small compared to the blessing it is to those who receive it. We would urge everyone to take some time this week and send one out. It's never a mistake.

Have a tremendous day!!

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