GVP #02: Drills, Sitbits and Cameras

GVP #02: Drills, Sitbits and Cameras


New things covered were:

Home Depot and the great 30 minute education I received on drills. Thought I needed maximum power with an 18v Makita but was sold on the 12v Ridgid with a lifetime warranty. Check em out.

We then revealed our newest brainstorm invention. The Sitbit which is the competitor to the Fitbit. This one is better though since it measures your sitting and helps you stay relaxed instead of raising your heart rate. It's imaginary of course.  :)

Last but not least we covered one of Evan's favorite things to talk about and that's cameras. He is an excellent photographer and loves Nikon equipment. I was struck how strange it is that they recommend spending limited resources on lenses before the camera itself!