GVP #47: Restoring A Reputation

GVP #47: Restoring A Reputation


What words or phrases should be banished? Evan suggest the expression "on fleek" should be gone. Freedom never even knew it existed. Freedom suggest that "anyways" when used as a comma should be eradicated. Evan says it needs to stay for awhile. 

The next question is when your significant other says they want to spend their special day relaxing, does that mean that you are free to do whatever you want or are you bound to be "on call" nearby?  This can be a tough one.

We ended with How can a reputation be restored? We all have moments that we're not proud of and would love to get a restart. Since there isn't an easy button to use what can we do to move towards restoration? Evan suggested making amends and then acting the way to want to be known and slowly over time you will change what you're known for.