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GVP #43: Suffering To Success

GVP #43: Suffering To Success


The first question had to do with car etiquette in regards to the passenger/driver relationship. We're naming no names but this is something we all know and have had to deal with. It lead into the next question which had to deal with which is bed time rules and who gets to control the TV, etc. Let us know what you think.

Music. Where do you go to find new music these days? These days we do everything on demand which means we play what we know. So how do you find new tunes? 

We then jumped to a deep question. Does suffering make us stronger and lead us to success? Wow! None of us wants to suffer for sure but does it help? Evan and Freedom dug into this and ended with a very profound statement regarding how we should feel about suffering in tough times. This is a MUST LISTEN and pushes us for an attitude check.