The Morning Routine with Freedom is a LIVE Facebook show every weekday morning which is then broadcast you YouTube and as a daily Podcast. This podcast is focused on stories, news headlines, a passage of wisdom and a prayer to get our days started right. I look forward to you joining in in whichever format works best for your "morning routine"!  Available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher.

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In January 2016 one of my sons had a great idea. He suggested one day that with our ambition to have healthy, open relationships that we should start a podcast to help others do the same. So we did!  

Evan and I had a blast for 50 episodes talking about any and every topic honestly from the viewpoint of different generations with differing views. Hence the name Generation Viewpoint. 

You can hear and see all episodes on the "Generation Viewpoint" page link at the top of this page. ENJOY!