The Power of Following

You Don't Have to Be a Leader to Change the World


We all have a vision for who we want to be and what we would like to achieve. Yet our culture bombards us with the message that only great leaders get to reach their dreams and make an impact. Many of us have been frozen in our tracks and are intimidated by the pressure to be in charge. Most of us are not visionary leaders, but we do have the ability to make a big difference.

If you’re weary of pouring over leadership texts and self-help guides, The Power of Following is for you. The wait is over—now is the time to become the difference maker you were created to be. In this book, you will discover the 12 Keys to Following. Through the trial-and-error experiences and observations of the author, you will learn where to begin in your journey of following.

The Power of Following is filled with hysterical, real-life stories and practical guidance. Are you ready to unleash your power as a Follower? After all, you don’t have to be a leader to change the world.


About the Author:

 For the past several decades, Freedom has been fine-tuning his abilities as a Follower. A graduate of The University of Scranton, he is a produce broker by day and a high-capacity volunteer by night and weekend. Freedom lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with his wife Kelly, and is father to four children. He can often be found creating mischief on his property, opening his home to friends, or encouraging others to be great. 


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